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 WOOD FLOORINGS - Southern Yellow Pine


Southern Yellow Pine
Pinus spp

Commodity item; available in all types, styles and sizes of flooring, including parquet, strip, plank and veneer, both unfinished and prefinished.

Sample is 3/4-by 2 1/4-inch square-edge solid strip. Top portion is finished with water-base urethane; bottom with oil-modified polyurethane.

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COLOR: Heartwood varies from light yellow/orange to reddish brown or yellowish brown; sapwood is light tan to yellowish white.
HARDNESS: Janka hardness of 690 as compared to the hardness of 1290 for Red Oak.
GRAIN: Generally straight but uneven grained with a medium texture. #2C will have more knots than a regular C-grade.
VARIATIONS WITHIN SPECIES AND GRADES: Low to Moderate color variation.
SAWING/MACHINING: Sawing is difficult due to the fact that resin tends to gum up blades and cutting tools.
SANDING: Sands well.
NAILING: Good holding ability, easy to nail by hand or with power nailer.
FINISHING: Resin can, in some cases, repel finishes, especially around knots. Strong stain contrast because of large pores.

Pine Grade Descriptions
Grade Description


Combination for B&B and C grades; satisfies requirements for high-quality finish. This is the clearest Southern Yellow Pine grade there is, with little to no knots (also known as C+).


This grade requires a face as good as D Finish grade except scant width of face not permitted and only medium warp allowed. A few more knots than C&BTR. Economical, serviceable grade for natural or painted finish.


#1C Flooring is not provided under SPIB Grading Rules as a separate grade but, if specified, the wood will contain a larger number of nickel-sized knots.


This grade requires a face as good as No.2 Boards which is suitable for high-quality sheathing. High utility value where appearance is not a factor. Larger number of knots ranging in size from dime to quarter-sized.


Admits all pieces below No.2 Flooring, if suitable for low-cost sheathing or lathing without wasting over 1/4 length of any piece. High number of knots, including larger knots over 2 inches in diameter that can and may include holes through wood where knots formerly were.

SOURCE: www.spib.org.

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