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Brazilian Teak

Readily available.

THE ESSENCE OF NATURE: Teak's dark honey colour will give your room a classy and distinguished look. Wood lovers will appreciate its natural colour.

COLOR: Brazilian Teak varies from medium tan brown to a dark reddish brown with some pieces showing a black striping to them. Unlike most woods, Brazilian Teak undergoes little change in color due to exposure to sunlight.

GRAIN: Straight; coarse, uneven texture. Known for its exceptional hardness and durability, this exotic hardwood is a great choice for looks and longevity in both residential and commercial installations.

VARIATIONS WITHIN SPECIES AND GRADES: Moderate to high color variation.


SAWING/MACHINING: Sawing is difficult due to high density; requires frequent resharpening of tools. Planing is difficult due to interlocked grain. Can be machined to a smooth surface. Carbide tooling recommended.

SANDING: Sands well.

NAILING: Good holding ability, but due to hardness may require adjustment of angle of penetration and/or height.

FINISHING: The finish uses only the best German coatings applied with modern European Technology. These new acrylic based resins combined with suspended Aluminum Oxide allow production of an extremely hard finish that offers superior abrasion that is seven times (7x) more resistant than any other finishes in the market.

10 Layer ProtectionThe Anti Scratch Top Coating provides an even smoother finish that is highly scratch resistant, enhances performance, and prevents wear. Also there is no need to recoat the flooring in the future. This finish has proven to be extremely resistant to even iron brush scratches or steel wool.

The protective coating is applied in ten (10) layers. The primer leads to perfect adhesion and the desired color tone followed by a Triple Anti-Abrasive Sealer Layer with Aluminum Oxide. This sealer works in order to obtain high abrasion rates of at least 20.000 cycles according to ASTM standards with CS17 abrasion wheels which weigh 500g. Next a Double U.V. Sandable Sealer Layer is applied which provides enough layer thickness so as to avoid sanding through the Aluminum Oxide layer. Next a Triple Top Coating anti-scratch U.V. Layer guarantees extremely high scratch resistance, yet can be sanded, thus providing the added advantage of being repairable. Last, but not least, is the Antimicrobial Treatment Layer.

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