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Rough Lumber:
This is lumber that has been received from the mills in a rough state and has no finished sides.

Surfaced 2 sides, meaning that the rough lumber has been surfaced on the top and the bottom.

Straight line 1 edge, meaning that the rough lumber has been milled to give it a straight and square surface alone one edge.

Surfaced 4 sides, meaning that the lumber has been milled and surfaced on all 4 sides. Hit and Miss Refers to lumber that has been barely blanked so that parts of the lumber clearly show the color and grain qualities.

FAS (First and Seconds):
The best and most expensive grade. Boards 5 1/2" and wider, 8' and longer. The FAS grade includes a range of boards which yield from 83 1/3% (1O/12ths) to 100% clear wood in cuttings at least 3" wide by 7' long or 4" wide by 5' long.
The FAS grade will provide the user with long, wide, clear cuttings. Best suited for high quality furniture, cabinetry, interior trim, millwork, solid wood mouldings and applications where clear, wide boards are needed.

F1F / FAS1F / Selects :
In FAS1F ("FAS one Face") and Selects, the grade is established using both faces of the board. The best face must meet the requirements for FAS, and the reverse side must essentially grade No.1. FAS1F and Selects are virtually the same grade, except for minimum width and length. The minimum board size for Selects is 4" x 6'; and for FAS1F it is 6" x 8'.

Builder Grade:
A trade term meaning a product of average quality normally found in production-built housing.