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A flooring product selected for its rich red-brown coloration and minimal character marks. The face is composed of 100% naturally colored heartwood. Will admit the following and other similar characters: small tight checks; a minimal number of slight edge defects (indentations); small burls; limited pin knots; fine pin worm holes; a thin black streak, 3" in 2'; a sound gum pocket 1 /16 " x 1" per foot and 3 /4 full tongue. Average length-3'.

A flooring product with natural coloration variations found in heartwood and a small amount of contrasting sapwood, along with allowable characters. Will admit the following and other similar characters: 1 /2 " bright sapwood entire length of strip or equivalent; a small tight 1 /4 " knot every 3'; slightly open shallow checks, 1 /2 " per foot; edge defects (indentations) less than 2 /32 " x 1 /2 " for every 2'; intermittent machine burn; narrow black streaks not running the entire length; a gum pocket 1 /8 " x 1" per foot; torn grain (must sand out); pinworm holes 2 per foot; a slight amount of scant thickness where ends are full thickness; and 1 /2 full tongue. Average length-3'.

A flooring product which may contain prominent color variation between the light sap-wood and dark heartwood, along with promi-nent natural and machine produced characters. Will admit the following and other similar characters: broken knots up to 1 /2 " with no loose pieces, must readily fill; numerous checks up to 1 /16 " open and not extend through piece; edge defects (indentations) up to 3 /32 " x 1 1 /2 " in aggregate for every 3'; occasional solid machine burns; a small area of rough face showing minor saw marks; unlimited sapwood; sapwood may be stained, splotchy, and include unlimited stick-er stain; up to 20" scant stock (hit or miss) for every 5', with full thickness within 3" of ends; may have heavy streaks and dark discoloration up to 50%; open fillable gum pockets; worm holes 1 /8 ", 1 per foot; pin worm holes, 6 per foot; 1 area of torn grain to 1 /16 " deep per 3'; and 1 /4 full tongue. Average length-2 1 /2 '.

A flooring product which contains sound natural variations and manufacturing imperfec-tions of the forest product, all imperfections and open characters must be fillable. Will admit the following and other similar characters: knots and knot holes where openings and loose areas do not extend through pieces; edge defect 1 /4 " x 1 /4 " if irregular, not to extend through tongue and groove engagement; dark machine burns not more than 3 /64 " deep; promi-nent open checks not extending through piece; incipient decay which is not softer than sur-rounding wood; a small un-planed area with radiating saw marks; split ends with no move-ment across the split; an area of torn grain up to 1 /8 " deep x 3" for full width every 2'; angled grub worm holes 3 /16 " x 1 /2 " long with all other worm holes if sound; unlimited dark discoloration and streaks to include stained sapwood and unlimited sticker stain; open gum pockets to 1 /8 " wide; occasional scant thickness (hit or miss) entire length, which end match square; and lim-ited number of pieces with no tongue. Average length- 2'.

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