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Q: Which should I use, solid wood floor or engineered wood floor?

A: Each have their specific uses and is dictated by your lifestyle and specific needs:

Solid wood flooring can be used on grade and above grade, but not below grade. Solid wood should be in a moisture controlled environment. Solid wood strip or plank is nail down only and requires a wood subfloor. Solid wood parquet can be glued to a variety of subfloor materials.

Engineered can be used on grade, above and below grade. Engineered wood is more dimensionally stable so it can be installed in areas where solid wood is not compatible due to moisture. Engineered strip, plank and parquet are glue down applications over various subfloor materials. Some engineered strip and plank can be nailed down which requires a wood subfloor. Engineered includes floating floors where tongue and grove are glued together, but the floor is not anchored to the subfloor. This is a good choice for going over existing vinyl flooring.