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Q. Will there be any cutting waste?

For the average installation, approximately 7% of the total area to be covered will be wasted because of several reasons (cuts, damages or mistakes).

Q. How's the gluing supposed to be done?

Laminate floors are "floating"; no board is attached to the subfloor. Hence, a strong bond between the planks is required for the floor to perform correctly. Always use the manufacturer's recommended glue. Where you are supposed to put glue depends on the product you buy. You might be instructed to put glue only on the tongue, in the groove, or in both places. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Apply enough to make some glue squeeze out of the joints when the boards are pressed together.

If the joints are not properly sealed and there are gaps in the glue, any surface moisture could seep in between the planks and cause water related damage such as de-lamination or expansion (i.e. buckling, cracking). A laminate floor will withstand surface moisture for several hours with no damage if it is properly glued, and it will expand and contract uniformly with seasonal changes if the planks are properly bonded.

Q. I didn't get my first row straight, can I continue?

Getting the first row absolutely straight is the foundation -maybe the most critical part- to a successful installation. Do not continue; if your first row(s) are not properly aligned, or the joints are not tightly sealed, the entire installation will be compromised. (The error will magnify as you go along.) Along both sides and ends, all planks must be parallel to each other, otherwise here will be wedge-shaped gaps between planks. If residue is caught in the grooves, poor alignment can also result. Remember to make sure all grooves are clean before installation.

Q. What is the recommended temperature over radiant-heat?

As a norm, most manufacturers recommend about 15ºC (60ºF) and never above 27ºC (80ºF). Ask the dealer.

Q. Can I install a laminate floor on top of carpet?

To serve as a liner, all short-fiber carpets without a thick carpet padding is all right. It is recommended to remove both the underlayment foam and the carpet with any carpet installed over thick padding. When installing laminate flooring in a basement, especially if the carpet was laid directly over a concrete floor, all types of carpet and underlayment foam must also be removed.

Q. How should I install mouldings?

You can glue or nail mouldings to the wall only, never to the floor.