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Q. How can I get the shine of my floor to increase?
The shine can not be modified because it is a manufactured characteristic. Therefore, you must never wax or polish a laminate floor.

Q. How can I repair impact damages such as marks, cuts, or dents?
Smaller repairs, such as fills, are done with the manufacturer-specified repair kit. See manufacturer's instruction. Alternatively, replace the damaged plank in its entirety.

Q. Will small scratches affect performance of my floor?
Neither the performance nor the serviceability of the floor will be affected by scratches. Once they appear, however, you can't get rid of them. Scratches can be easily avoided. Place mats on either side of all exterior doors, sweep the floor regularly and install felt pads under the legs of furniture.

Q. How do I get rid of scuff marks?
Always try to avoid them in the first place. Badly scuffed planks needs to be replaced.

Q. Are laminate floors "dog proof" as far as claw-scratches goes?
Dogs usually don't scratch laminate floors but this is not guaranteed. Animals have different habits, and there may be sand or some other matter stuck to their claws.

Q. What, if any, protection measures should I take?
Place a doormat or rug near any outside door to collect excessive moisture and dirt. Place felt or similar protectors under any heavy objects left in place for a long period of time like furniture legs. Lift heavy furniture instead of dragging or pulling them.

Q. What day-to-day chores are needed?
All you need to keep your floor clean is sweeping, vacuuming and an occasional damp cloth. Use a cleaner especially formulated for varnished hardwood floors or a nonabrasive household cleaner diluted in water. To avoid excessive water on the floor simply use a light damp cloth.

You should never wax, sand or apply sealer or lacquer on your laminate flooring. To clean your floor, never use steel wool, scouring powder or any abrasive cleaners.