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 Floating Plankfloor® Installation:

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Sub Floor Preparation: Check the sub-floor to be sure that it’s clean, flat and dry. In case of a potential moisture problem in the future, install a 6 mil. polyethylene under-layment. Be sure to overlap this moisture barrier six inches and fold up against all of the walls three to four inches. This excess will be covered when the baseboard and trim are installed.

Owens PlancLoc

Lay out the PlankLoc®: Next, roll out the PlankLoc®. It comes in rolls that are 39.4 inches wide and 164 feet long (1). Be sure to lay side by side with a small gap between rows. Plankloc should be laid perpendicular to the direction the flooring will be laid. (2). At the start of each row of PlankLoc®, or when you come to the end of the roll in the middle of a row, you will need to create a starting strip.

Owens PlancLoc

Prepare a Starter Strip: (3) To create the starter strip, simply peel back the vinyl covering the width of 2½ planks and cut off the Plankloc®. Fold the vinyl back to the edge of the PlankLoc®. This is the starter strip. Position this edge against the wall where you intend to start laying flooring.

Owens PlancLoc

Installing the Flooring: Lay the flooring perpendicular to the PlankLoc® with the tongue facing out from the starting edge.

Begin by assembling two rows of flooring, wall to wall, on top of the starting strip. Hold the flooring together with 2” blue painters tape (4). Square these two rows to the room and establish an expansion space from the wall using shims.

When the first two rows are in position, simply pull the vinyl out from under the flooring, to the edge of the flooring, being careful not to expose the adhesive face. Apply pressure to the flooring to secure it to the PlankLoc®.

Owens PlancLoc

Continue laying the flooring wall to wall. Tap each piece tightly into place (5) and use the 2” painters tape (be certain to overlap the tape with the section that was previously secured to the PlankLoc®) (6) to hold securely in place until you pull the vinyl out from under the flooring and secure it to the PlankLoc®. Leave the tape on until the entire floor is laid. You can save time by laying up multiple rows of flooring before removing the vinyl and sticking the flooring to the PlankLoc®. At the end of each row, measure and cut the last board to fit.

Owens PlancLoc

As you proceed across the room, roll the vinyl up or cut off the excess. Save a portion of this vinyl for future starting strips.

Transition Areas: If the hardwood flooring is running lengthwise at a transition to other floor covering, in addition to securing the flooring and the transition piece to the PlankLoc®, edge glue the last two rows of flooring and the transition piece. If the hardwood flooring transitions on end to other floor covering, glue the transition piece to the hardwood flooring, as well as the securing the transition piece to PlankLoc®.

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