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Creating an ideal outdoor living environment is easy to do with the right materials and tools. brings you quality decking materials along with easy-to-use decking tiles and all the tools you need to get the job done.
Decking Tiles

Designed for ease of installation, the Ezydeck™ Modular Decking System is produced in 4 different styles of square tiles allowing the home owner to create individual patterns limited only by imagination. Assembly is a simple matter of clicking together adjacent tiles using the unique plastic locking system to give a stable, even and attractive decking surface.

Click here to buy or for more information, visit is also happy to provide I-Deck hard wood deck tiles in a number of different hardwood species. These I-Deck tiles use a special I-Connect system, which makes assembling your deck easy and fun.

Click here to purchase I-Deck tiles and the I-Connect connectors and get started on building your new deck today.

Decking Lumber

A very high grade decking is called ipé (pronounced ee-pay). An exotic wood species, ipé appears richly distinctive. It is extremely dense, and naturally beautiful.

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Ipe Features & Benefits
Properties of Ipe
Ipe vs. Other Decking Materials

A fine Brazilian hardwood, Cambara is valued for its deep reddish-brown heartwood, ease of drying, straight grain, decay resistance and finishing qualities. Cambara exceeds many species in its durability and mechanical properties.

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Oasis decking contains a unique composite construction of wood fiber and advanced polymers which outperforms wood in strength, weather resistance, and design possibilities.

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With EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners, you get the world's premier Hidden Deck-Fastening System for Ipe, composites and all types of decking materials.

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Decking Accessories Decking Tools