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Projected Service Life that far exceeds that of other exterior woods

Ipé is a beautiful and very durable hardwood. If you want your outdoor project to stand up and stand out for a long time use Ipé.

All Natural
Containing no harmful chemicals, Ipé can be used near water without potential contamination.

Maintenance Free
Once installed Ipé can be left to weather naturally without added hassles. If the new appearance is desired Ipé canbe power washed back to its original finish.

This is a 1x6 multi-level deck (Ipe is so strong that you only need 1x6 for equivalent strength of 5/4x6) with 4x4 posts, 2x2 balusters and moulded rail.

Single Species
Stability is assured because unlike some other marketed wood species like, Philippine Mahogany, Ironwood and others, Ipé is just a single species of lumber.

Class A-1 Fire Retardant Rating
Very important when specifying for municipalities or any area where the ultimate fire resistancy is vital.

Rated Tops for Insect and Decay Resistancy
The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Forestry rates Ipé as "Very resistant to attack by decay, fungi and termites."

No Warping or Twisting
Ipé is dimensionally stable and will not move, this means that there won't be a need to go back and re-apply fasteners. Also, every piece is usable.

Virtually Clear
Ipé is beautiful because it's not only knot free but it has a rich dark brown color which weathers, like Teak, to a consistent silver hue.

How will your deck look in ten years?
Most decking materials look attractive when first installed, but the true measure of a quality decking material is how long it retains its appeal. A wood's density determines its durability. Ipé is twice as dense as other wood species and up to five times harder. An ipé deck will look good for a long, long time (even without staining or preservatives).

Consider its value
Ipé is the finest quality decking material available. Consider the Atlantic City boardwalk. After ten years of testing, the city replaced the entire boardwalk with ipé. Here's why:
"Compared to the costs of constant repair and replacement of other decking materials, ipé decking is more cost effective. With heavy casino traffic, we were replacing the pressure-treated pine every seven years. We project the ipé decking to hold up for twenty-five to thirty years."
- James Harrington, Jr.
Senior Inspector, City of Atlantic City, New Jersey