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EB-TY™ was born out of the frustration of trying to make other deck fasteners work, particularly with engineered composite decking and hardwoods. Builders need an efficient way to install decking without visible fasteners.

You will find EB-TY economical, labor saving, convenient to use and attractive. Only one (1) EB-TY and one (1) screw are required at joist and board intersections. The even surface of an EB-TY deck is gained by gauging all fastening relative to the upper surface unlike all other competition. All work is done from the top side. The EB-TY automatically sets all spacing at 3/32". EB-TY's are not visible from deck surface or below the deck. The dark color blends with the shadow of the joints.

The EB-TY will prove to be the most attractive deck fastener along with the most efficient and productive installation.

No scarring or fasteners visible.

Only (1) EB-TY and one (1) screw is required at joist and deck board intersection.

All work is done from top side.

Spacing of deck boards is automatically set at 3/32".

EB-TY's are essentially invisible from top or bottom of the deck. The dark color blends with the shadow line of the joints.

EB-TY system is economical, labor saving and attractive.

Sets all deck boards to a level and uniform height.

Relieves the stress caused by natural shrinkage of the deck boards.

Easy to resurface.

EB-TY system was designed for use with all decking materials.

Decks are safer with EB-TY (no nail pops!), maintenance free.

EB-TY is formed out of UV resistant polypropylene which has a 100 year life.

1. Mark board at joist intersections.

2. Slot board with biscuit joiner or router.

3. Apply exterior adhesive to joist.

4. Position board.

5. Install EB-TY with 7 x 2-1/4" trim head screw or 7d stainless spiral nail.

6. Repeat process.

View detailed installation guide

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The quantity of EB-TY needed may be determined by multiplying the number of deck boards by the number of joists or estimate using the following:

3.5" boards 16" o.c. = 2.75 per s.f.
5.5" boards 16" o.c. = 1.75 per s.f.

3.5" boards 24" o.c. = 2 per s.f.
5.5" boards 24" o.c. = 1 per s.f.