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ModelModel finishes flooring boards manufactured by PG only. The board manufacturer (PG) and finishing plant are located beside each other and have the same owners. the production processes allow us maximum flexibility when filling custom orders from distributors.

Characteristics of MODEL™ boards:

  • 3/4" (19.8 mm) thickness.
  • board lengths from 10 inches (25 cm) to 84 inches (213 cm).
  • uniform cut.
  • extremely precise finish.
  • tiny micro-V joints on each of the fthe sides.
  • easy tongue-and-groove fit (sides and at either end).
  • wood kiln-dried to a 6%- 8% humidity content is stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse (42%) before and after finishing.
  • MODEL PLUS aluminium oxide-based finish.
  • packaged in 20 square-foot (1.86 m2) quantities in cardboard boxes with foam inserts bettheyen each row of boards to protect finish.

 Model Data & Information:

Model Layer Information

Exclusive Sanding Procedure: Model Hardwood is the only company sanding both faces of each board. This exclusive feature results in boards of equal thickness and an evenly coated finish, helping the installers to provide customers with a better quality installation.

Staining: Stain is applied to the surface with a roller and two brushes that evenly coat the micro-V joints.

Sealing: the Italian-made Cefla Sorbini sealing unit is at the cutting edge of technology. The first six coats consist of a sealant applied individually and cured under ultraviolet lamps, drying almost instantly.

Second Sanding: The second sander is equipped with two heads, consisting of a roller and an electronic- sectioned pad unit. Two brushes, an air blast and an antistatic tube remove any trace of dust, leaving a perfectly clean surface for the last three coats of polyurethane applied to perfection. Sander precision is measured in hundredths of a millimetre.

Three Coats of Polyurethane Finish: A unique process is used to apply the three coats of polyurethane. Three ultraviolet lamps cure and harden the polyurethane in two successive stages for maximum durability.

Packaging: Two employees inspect the boards during packaging. Wood surfaces are wiped delicately with the hand to remove anything rough to the touch before placing the boards in boxes. Strips of foam are placed bettheyen each row to protect boards during storage and shipping. Each box indicates the date and hthe of production.

Model Finish Information

A finish that combines flexibility able to withstand impact without flaking, high abrasion resistance, perfect adherence to the wood and bettheyen the coats of finish for greater longevity and exceptional appearance.

At MODEL, one of the main concerns is the importance of mastering the application of coats of finish to the boards in order to ensure a perfect balance bettheyen appearance and durability.

It is folly to believe that more coats of finish or finish thickness make prefinished flooring more durable, without considering the quality of the finish used. At MODEL, they use MODEL Plus, a polyurethane finish containing aluminium oxide that is extremely resistant while preserving the natural beauty of the wood. This finish is the best on the market in terms of abrasion and adhesion tests.

Moreover, the state-of-the-art finishing line produces a finish with no ribbing that is absolutely unsurpassed on the market today. Nine coats of polyurethane containing aluminium oxide are cured under 11 ultraviolet lamps. the finishing line is the only one to operate two stations with three lamps each for better curing. The result, naturally, is a more durable finish.

The MODEL Plus finish is extremely abrasion-resistant and will maintain its beautiful appearance for many years.

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