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Homerwood FlooringFor HomerWood™, Character Grade is their target grade and is not an off-fall from other production. Machining defects are not considered part of the grade.

No two floors are ever the same: Just like snowflakes, nature individualizes each plank in each floor. This is part of the uniqueness of our floors, one of the features that appeals to the consumer who seeks individuality.

What is Character? Character GradeTM is unique and only manufactured by HomerWoodTM. They use the word "Character" to describe our flooring because the wood's inherent characteristics - the very fingerprints of nature - have been beautifully and reassuringly preserved. Of course, they remove any defects that could theyaken your floor. The end result is an elegant floor that includes both clear and character planks that reflect the best attributes of the natural wood.

Insist on the Real Thing: Do not confuse Character GradeTM with lotheyr quality rustics, #2 and cabin grades, which contain large edge defects, stained wood, machining defects and unsound pieces. These inferior flooring grades are what is left over after they pull the better grade out. Character GradeTM is the only grade they pull from lumber selected for a sound vintage look.

Amish Handscraped Distressed Flooring: This collection of Character GradeTM flooring offers a truly authentic distressed look because it is hand-scraped by Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmen in the tradition of Renaissance-era woodworking. New planks are hand-sculpted, one at a time, to create unique custom flooring of timeless originality and distinction. Unlike most of today's machine-distressed flooring, no two planks are alike and each bears the signature of the proud craftsman who created it.The Amish Hand-Scraped Collection is available in prefinished and unfinished wood that includes Cherry Cinnamon, Hickory Natural, Hickory Saddle, Oak Saddle, Red Oak Natural, Black Walnut Natural and White Oak Natural. Some species are specially-stained to further enhance and deepen the effect of the hand-scraping. It is a beautiful choice for adding heritage and history to your home.

 Homerwood Data & Information:

Homerwood Information

HomerWoodTM is committed to manufacturing and offering quality products. They have installed a computerized laser system that constantly monitors the width of the flooring, guaranteeing that our product is on size when manufactured, hotheyver, moisture could result in movement of floors causing gapping of stheylling due to exposure to high or very low moisture conditions.

Industry standard procedure has a quality control person or operator "spot check" the flooring with manual calipers. At high speed a very small percentage of the flooring is actually checked. HomerWoodTM is now utilizing a system that checks it all and immediately notifies the operator of product out of acceptable tolerances. they have also added additional personnel to our quality control team with the specific purpose of assembling and inspecting a 4' x 8' sampling of flooring from every lift being manufactured. The random samples are assembled on a precision surface plate, tested for flatness, bevel, end match and overall fit. This additional inspection is to ensure a trouble free product to our customers.

The HomerWood Hardwood Floors has made a commitment to environmental responsibility by ensuring that all source material is purchased from suppliers who are concerned about the preservation of our natural resources. HomerWood is purchasing raw material from suppliers who use only the highest standard in forestry practices, thus assuring the conservation and replenishment of our forests.

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