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Belle Engineered Hardwood FlooringA Beautiful Solution to Hardwood Flooring: BELLEFLOOR draws its inspiration from centuries of Italian woodworking as well as the latest in European engineering technique. The result is hardwood flooring with the elegance, excellence, and endurance that future ages are sure to admire.

Beauty Unchanging: BELLEFLOOR Engineered Hardwood Floors convey quiet persistence and lasting charm in any setting. These floors have been designed to undergo changes in temperature, humidity, stress, and general use while retaining their underlying structural integrity.

Broad-Based Applications: Manufacturing processes honed to precision and rigorous quality control give BELLEFLOOR Engineered Hardwood Floors the advantage of multiple installation methods. Gluing and stapling on-grade, above-grade, or below-grade subfloors are all possible.

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Every piece of timber bears a unique natural signature, the pattern of a life typical of the species and yet, with its color tones and grain characteristics, as individual as a fingerprint. We at BELLEFLOOR care for our nature's precious resource and ensure that every square inch of wood is used sparingly and provides full value to the customer. Thus our hardwoods are fashioned only for the top layer of flooring, where durability and aesthetic appearance are required, while the plywood support layer is made of fast-growing, sustainable softwoods. The result is a work of art which is both ecological, and yet more beautiful and stable than any other kind of flooring.

At BELLEFLOOR, the entire manufacturing process is environment-friendly and toxin-free. Our UV acrylic varnishes are made without solvents, while the adhesives employed in bonding and the plywood support layer contain even less formaldehyde than the minimums demanded by European E1 standards.

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