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A&BA&B Wood Design's mission is to produce the highest quality mouldings available, using premium grade materials and the most advanced technology, and they succeed everytime. A&B's beautiful mouldings, in all different styles, are the perfect finishing touch for any room.

For over 16 years, A&B Wood Design has provided a line of high quality, architectural mouldings that have been used in some of the finest commercial and residential spaces in the country. We have spent a great deal of time and energy designing and producing our designs to meet the demands of our clients.

A&B Data & Information:


Panel, Base Caps and Shoes, Casings, Bases, Chair Rails, Crowns, Solid Crowns, Plinths, Beads, Wainscot, and Crown Extenders make up the regular catalog index. But A&B also specializes in historic mouldings. The historic catalog represents a broad spectrum of architectural periods and styles. The designs for the historic collection were collected from books, magazines and historic sites around the country. (While historically appropriate, all mouldings may not be historically accurate. In some instances, profiles have been modified in order to reduce prohibitive material costs and/or to enable them to be produced on today's equipment).


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