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What is it that distinguishes LIVOS?

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Livos Products:





At the beginning of the seventies scientists and technicians started to develop paints and varnishes based on natural materials. The result of this pioneer work was the plantchemistry of which LIVOS, after the foundation of LIVOS Pflanzenchemie Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, became the first worldwide industrial producer.

The evolution of LIVOS has been distinguished by a great number of original developments. And LIVOS will also accept the challenge of plantchemistry in teh future: be it in research or development of innovative new products or in the constant improvements of existing products.

The demands, that the company makes on itself are high: only products of excellent quality that are absolutely healthy and ecologically friendly,are given the LIVOS brand.

What is plantchemistry?

Green leaves turn red in autumn - a chemical process in plants, one of millions. The knowledge of that combined with research results and future-orientated technology has led to an independent form of chemistry.

Thanks to LIVOS experience since 1974, LIVOS now has a sound knowledge in the field of plantchemistry which it is continuously extended and explored.

More and more people are suffering from allergies and symptoms of irritation. All substances in LIVOS products have therefore been clearly declared since 1984. The user can decide for himself which substances to allow into his environment.
Furthermore, in 1988, LIVOS became the first manufacturer to start the development of specialised products for allergy sufferers. LIVOS products are used successfully by industry as well as by craftsmen and handymen.


sustainable economic planning
closed recycling systems
high technical quality with ecologically flawless products
customer-focused operations
regeneration of the environment
consumer awareness and independence

Health aspects of LIVOS products:

free of any harmful substances
no production of harmful vapours during application
no release of harmful gases from dried coat
harmonising effect on the room climate
antistatic effect, meaning a reduction of dust levels

Technical aspects of LIVOS products:

simple to use with all usual application techniques
easy renewability
economical use
special effects made simple
easy care

Ecological aspects of LIVOS products:

based on renewable raw materials
completely biologically degradable substances
harmless to humans, animals, plants even in direct contact
environment-friendly production
trouble-free recycling
friendly to humans, the environment and posterity

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